Adam Hitchens


Adam Hitchens

Adam is Tecture's local Englishman, persistently iterating on his work to create the perfect code for our partners.

  • Applications Dev
  • Web Services
  • iOS/Android

What you bring to the table

I would like to think that I bring flexibility, a different perspective to issues, and the occasional smile. I like to understand all the different aspects of Tecture, and I try and learn everyday. Reading about things I don't understand is my passion with a hint of soccer on the side. Development is my main focus, but I love design and business as well. My technical core competencies include but are not limited to: Javascript, Node.js, language agnosticism, Linux, and Browser Internals.

You just won the lottery - what's the first thing you do?

I would go out and buy a new computer, just to make sure I actually had the money! After that I'd call my folks and let them know they’re covered.  I would definitely keep working. I’ve always had ideas and dreams about building things; I would go out and find some really smart people and make that happen!

What would the title of your autobiography be?

Introspection is not my greatest strength, and biographies should be left to more impartial people. That being said, here are some ideas for fun: "60,000 cups of tea", "A half forgotten life", or “The Oxford Comma”. I tend to paint myself in a more melancholy tone, so I could find myself using an unused title from Hemingway, such as: “Of Wounds and Other Causes” or “The world breaks everyone, and those it does not break it kills”. Hopefully by the time I can fill a book with my experiences, the title will have changed.

What are your favorite and least-favorite words?

Does Umbridge (from Harry Potter) count as word? If not, iconoclasm or adding "un-" to a word to create a contradictory narrative.

Which fictional character would you want in your family?

Rick Sanchez (from Rick & Morty). It would certainly be an interesting family.