Dan Lewis

Project Manager

Dan Lewis

Dan is part seer, part alchemist. While keeping his eye on the big picture, he continually challenges the perceptual filters that limit our view of a given problem or creative assignment.

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After dropping out of a Ph.D. program at the University of Chicago Divinity School Dan took a job in publishing and discovered - to his amazement - an affinity for technology. Who would have guessed all those philosophy and theology seminars in stony gothic classrooms would prepare him to grasp systems and innovation in software development? Since then Dan has managed technology projects and creative teams in a variety of roles on both the client and vendor side. He is a seasoned translator between business managers, developers, marketers, and creatives. 

What you bring to the table

With over 20 years of experience managing technology development and creative teams, I've been around more than one block. I hold the big picture in the blizzard of details. What are we really trying to do here? is my go-to question.  I bring a multiplicity of lenses (perspectives) to every project I touch. And as a certified life coach I'm also keenly attuned to the human dynamics of each project. 

Your favorite pastime

I'm passionate about photography. Photography has for me always been about learning to see anew the things and places and people around us -- setting aside the easy labels by which we categorize, conceptualize, and manage the mysteries that encompass us. A good photograph re-enchants the world. 

You just won the lottery - what's the first thing you do?

Travel off the beaten path!

What would the title of your autobiography be?

"There Must Be a Word for That"