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The vision for creating a firm that keeps pace with technology innovation

Tecture began in a Ravenswood apartment kitchen as a simple idea: bring great technology tools to entrepreneurs and make it easier for them to manage their websites, keep them looking great, and stay focused on their businesses — not learning how to code.

Early years of Tecture

Tecture began with the development of a simple tool: Site Ignition, a website management, marketing, and ecommerce platform, which they began rolling out to clients all over Chicago. Along the way, Tecture worked with clients large and small, ranging from hip local music venues to major name brands.

Tecture quickly outgrew its humble beginnings in a small Ravenswood studio and moved to downtown Chicago. Today, its office is located at 65 E Wacker Place, steps from the Magnificent Mile.

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Founder Ben Rowland realized that web technology was evolving and saw larger opportunities emerging. With the advent of SaaS business models, cloud computing, HTML5, mobile websites and apps, Tecture undertook a new effort to experiment with and master this dizzying array of new technologies, and determine how and when each may be best deployed for its clients.

Today, Tecture is part experimental platform, part finely-tuned delivery system. Serving start-ups and entrepreneurs is both challenging and worthwhile, and Tecture is adept at both implementing cutting-edge technologies while simultaneously managing project budgets, deadlines, and numerous complex moving parts.

The later years of Tecture

Over the years, we've had our fun, too: we're famous for our collaborative art projects, we volunteer for local charities, we've challenged ourselves to design, build, and launch complete sites in 24-hour projects, and we've even saved the world's data from the apocalypse by inventing Off World Backup.

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