Tessera by Tecture - Venue Ticketing System

Powerful, flexible ticketing for savvy venue managers

Tired of ticketing systems that don’t quite meet your needs, and yet charge a steep percentage of your hard-earned sales? Can’t afford a fully custom-built system?

Tessera by Tecture is a mature, fully-featured venue ticketing system that fully integrates with WordPress to give you a finely configurable, exquisitely flexible 360 degree show and event ticketing solution. Informed by savvy, experienced venue managers, we’ve been building ticketing systems for over 10 years. Our systems have sold literally millions of tickets. Whether you manage a music, sports, conference, convention, festival, theater, or event venue, Tessera is built to be configurable to the way you actually run your business (not some software developer’s idea of how you run your business).

Tessera offers world-class ticketing features like:

  • Set up multiple, fully customizable ticket types for any show or event. Offering VIP, preferred seating, and general admission seats? No problem. Configure these ticket types with different prices, fees, and sales dates if you like.
  • Set aside blocks of tickets for promoters and guests. No more manual lists and spreadsheets.
  • Select from default ticket types to save time setting up new shows. Extreme configurability does not mean hard to use.
  • Password-protect ticket tiers for pre-sales and VIP sales.
  • Check in customers at the door on your mobile device with a real-time guest list that includes guest and seating notes.
  • Sell tickets and merch on a mobile device at the door through a complete point of sale system.
  • Enable customers to set up accounts to save their billing information and preferences.
  • Send notifications to your ticket buyers via email and text.
  • Distribute automated ticket sales reports to promoters and talent buyers.


Schubas Lincoln Hall Example Hey Nonny Example

WordPress Integration

Tessera offers virtually unlimited flexibility in how you present your shows, events, and merch through a seamless API integration with your website -- or with WordPress specifically. You’re not limited to a handful of lame web page templates that never seem to suit how you want to display your show/event information. Our savvy, experienced developers can realize your site’s design right down to the smallest detail. (Already have a WordPress site? We can integrate with your existing site. Not a WordPress user? Tessera includes an open API, which enables us to build a native venue-specific smartphone app, or integrate our ticketing into your existing app.)

Our Subscription-Based Business Model

And here’s the catch: we don’t take a percentage of your ticket revenues like most ticketing systems. We don’t even take a per ticket fee. We offer a fair, flat, reasonable yearly subscription fee. Quite simply, we think we should be fairly compensated for our work, not gouge a percentage of someone else’s. At the end of the day we’re out to make a living, not a killing.

Check out Tessera’s Features

Manage Shows - Tessera Integrates with WordPress to synchronize show fields with ticket system fields. A key benefit of this architecture is you can manage all your website content, including show information, merch, food, other pages in WordPress. Show pages can be styled in any fashion you like. Other ticket systems force you to use a limited number of templates, or insert a widget on a page.

Ticket Types - You can set up a virtually unlimited number of ticket types which can be sold for different prices and ticket fees. You can even set different sell dates for each ticket type and password protect each type -- so VIP and pre-sales are simple. Tessera also Includes “default” ticket types configuration to make setting up new shows easy and quick.

Checkout with Account and Guest capabilities and a mobile-optimized shopping cart to speed ticket transactions. Protect shows from over-sell and ensure customer satisfaction with an easy, fair cart timer that blocks inventory.

Checkout Example

Will Call and Check-In - Quickly and easily checking in guests is a first step toward a great customer experience. Our real-time, dynamic check-in screen, optimized for tablets displays the event’s guest list in real time with the ability to store notes on guests and seating. (Friend of the owner visiting tonight? Make a note on the guest list and welcome him warmly.)

Will Call Example
Point of Sale Example

Point of Sale - Take real-time check-ins to the next level and sell tickets at the door -- even past show time. Tessera features a mobile-optimized virtual box office, allowing both cash and credit transactions, including card swipe with MagTek credit card reader (via MagneFLEX app).

Management Tools - Tessera offers you all the management tools and reporting you need to successfully run your venue’s operations. Track orders, perform full and partial refunds, reconcile ticket and merch sales with your bank or Quickbooks.

Customer Management Example

Customer Management - With complete customer records, identify your best customers and view their order history.

Customer accounts enable your customers to save billing information and preferences.

Email/Text Notifications - Send out show invitations, updates, changes, cancellations, and reminders via email and text message.

Multi-venue support - Supporting more than a single location? Tessera enables you to set up multiple venues and link to the same or different bank accounts. Best of all, customers can purchase tickets for multiple venues in the same cart.

Automated Reports Example

Automated ticket count email report - Spending half your day compiling and sending out ticket count reports to promoters, agents, and talent buyers? With Tessera you can set up a configurable automated ticket count report to be sent by email.

Robust reporting capabilities. Tessera offers a full suite of configurable operations reports on shows, sales, customers, orders, and transactions. Vetted by pro venue managers, we put the right management tools in your hands.

Robust Reports Example

Merchandise - Sell more than just tickets! Tessera includes merchandise sales with dynamic shipping and sales tax calculation options. Sell online through a web store or on your premises with our POS app.

System Architecture

  • Tessera integrates seamlessly with WordPress through an API. We’ll design you a killer customer-facing WordPress site to your precise specifications. Or we can integrate with your existing site. Don’t use WordPress? No problem, Tessera’s open API can be integrated with your system.
  • We offer the option to set up the system on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve performance, especially during those peak sales periods.
  • Secure integration with any payment gateway.
  • Real-time check-in at the door with a tablet or other mobile device.
  • Ticket POS system on a mobile device (with MagTek card swipe or chip reader).
Robust Reports Example


Barcode Reader Example

Barcode Reader Integration

Tessera easily integrates with bar code readers for easy guest check-in.

Point of Sale System Example

Point of Sale System

Use Tessera’s intuitive, tablet-ready point of sale system to sell tickets or merchandise at the door, at the counter, anywhere. Tessera’s point of sale is compatible with MagTek card readers, such as the iDynamo.

Point of Sale System Example Point of Sale System Example

Seating Chart Integration

Tessera also supports seating charts. We can custom illustrate any venue and support any seating arrangement from rows to tables, and more. Customers will be able to zoom in and select individual seats, and seat selection is supported on any browser and mobile devices. Seat selection integrates seamlessly with our ticket timer, which reserves the seat for a configurable period of time.

Point of Sale System Example

Don’t see what you need here? We can build out and customize for you.

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