Ben Rowland


Ben Rowland

Ben simplifies complex business objectives and possesses a clairvoyance for implementation and ongoing strategy all while engaged in a never-ending quest to pull the perfect shot of espresso.

  • Strategy
  • Technology Architect
  • Mission Control
  • Oenophile
  • Skiing
  • Tennis

Ben started programming his dad's Apple when he was in elementary school. After mastering Basic, Ben went on to create games for the TI-81 graphing calculator that were handed out in his high school. While attending Knox College, web programming didn't exist yet, so Ben created his  own "web development" independent study course. He also worked in the computer center and built a professor evaluation system that was rolled out across the entire campus (built in Perl and MySQL). He went on to intern at Everen Securities (now Wachovia) where he built their first website one summer. The website allowed investors to log in and access their portfolios and view daily changes in their positions. Ever the quality-control advocate, Ben pressed for testing it across Mac, Windows, and AOL (he set up a dial-up modem in their testing lab) to ensure consistency for all users.

That experience led to Ben's first real job, at a venture-backed start-up called Vcapital, where they built a virtual deal room for venture capitalists to access screened dealflow. They were a bit ahead of the game, but their efforts anticipated today's crowd funders and equity crowd funders. From there, Ben went on to Information Resources, where he was an architect of business intelligence systems for analyzing consumer packaged goods scanner data.

Ben founded Tecture with the intention to bring his skills architecting complex software applications to more start-ups, and continue his interest in learning and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for clients.

What you bring to the table

I bring enterprise-quality software architecture and craftsmanship experience to a diverse range of skills, from ecommerce to native mobile apps to cloud-based SaaS platforms. I'm adept at striking a careful balance of software quality, features, maintainability, and cost.

On your favorite pastime

I love wine. Particularly, Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley, Oregon.

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