Joe Sarna


Joe Sarna

Joe enjoys finding interesting and efficient ways to solve problems, while mastering new languages and techniques.

  • Strategy
  • Web Services
  • Applications Dev

What you bring to the table

I started to pick up coding while working as a lab tech. My love of programming led me to pursue a Master's in Computer Science. From a lab tech to the financial industry, my debugging and problem solving was a perfect fit for my new role at Tecture. I'm thrilled to be expanding my knowledge of mobile development and sharing my support skills to all the Tecture projects. I’m currently focusing on ASP.NET applications and am looking forward to some Rails and Node.js exposure.

Your favorite pastime

My wife and I enjoy brewing and drinking beer, and are always on the lookout for new breweries to try. I’m also a video game junkie and play basketball to curb my competitiveness.

What are your favorite and least-favorite words?

‘Splitzies’, ‘halvzies’, and ‘whelm’, are fun. My least favorite word is ‘buddy’ - I think it sounds very condescending.

Time waits for no one. What do you want to do before the final curtain?

Travel the world, eat good food, and drink fine wine. I’d also love the opportunity to drive a formula one car (or any car on an open track).

Ever have a personal experience with a celebrity?

I saw Mike Ditka standing outside his hotel room one weekday morning on the way to work. He was smoking a cigar at 8am and nobody was talking to him. I went up and shook his hand, and then a crowd started to form so I snapped a picture and walked away.

Which fictional character would you want in your family?

The Flash! I’d make him take me everywhere. No commute time or travel time would be amazing.