John Bruehler


John Bruehler

John is a front-end developer and SEO Expert who integrates his knowledge of SEO and conversion optimization into the structure of every site he builds.

  • Strategy
  • Visual Dev

Post graduation John moved up to Chicago's Western suburbs. After some time stuck in a bio lab he realized he would much rather be utilizing this technical experience doing web development and SEO work. John also loves to plays ultimate frisbee and golf.

What you bring to the table

My work at tecture is primarily front-end development, but I also bring a wealth of experience optimizing sites for conversion and in SEO.

Your favorite pastime

I don't get to do it as much as I would like but my favorite thing is being out on a boat in tropical waters. I spent a lot of time growing up in the Florida Keys diving and snorkeling, and it instilled in me a love of the ocean and marine life.

What are your favorite and least-favorite words?

Favorite word "petrichor" - the smell after it rains following a warm dry period. I like that there is a word specifically for this and that it is such a cool sounding word.

It's not actually my least favorite word but "supernatural" is used all the time when "preternatural" would be a more accurate and cooler sounding option. 

Time waits for no one. What do you want to do before the final curtain?

I want to go into space, I want to stay there for a while though so I'm hoping we get space hotels and cheaper launch costs sometime soon. 

Ever have a personal experience with a celebrity?

I don't think I've ever met a celebrity. I would be pretty bad at recognizing a celebrity in real life though, so I might have walked right by lots of them without realizing it.

Which fictional character would you want in your family?

Valentine Michael Smith from Stranger in a Strange Land