Integrated Business Websites That Get You Connected

Your business website should be a hub, not an island. We get you connected — to your customers, your business partners, your marketing channels, your data. Need to integrate your public-facing site with a database, third-party application, Salesforce or other CRM, or API? We’ve got you covered.

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We Offer

  • Website design and development
  • Landing pages design and development
  • WordPress and other content management systems
  • Web-Based applications
  • Lead generation forms
  • Email marketing
  • Salesforce and other CRM integrations
  • API and 3rd party services integration
  • Analytics integration
  • Social media integration


  • Content Management Systems
  • CRMs
  • Marketing Automation Platforms
  • Ecommerce Systems and Payment Gateways
  • Analytics
  • APIs
  • Databases

Selected Projects

Jordan Knauff: Rebranding and Raising the Bar for an Investment Banking Firm

Jordan Knauff, a Chicago-based middle-market investment banking firm, was looking to update their dated brand and website. Tecture gave the firm a bold, contemporary new look and expanded the the features of the website. We: Executed a rebranding program, redesigning the firm’s logo, website, and collateral  •  Set up an in-house video studio to record instructional videos to be hosted on the website • Implemented a gated online video library and access-request system • Implemented an online research library and publication request system • Implemented granular deal “tombstones” to optimize SEO.

Selected Features
  • Home Page 1
  • Home Page 2
  • Research Library
  • Video Library
  • Transactions
Home Page 1
Sleek, contemporary and updated brand identity featured on the home page.
Home Page 2
The home page provides access to the custom-built Video and Research Libraries.
Research Library
Selection of the Research Library with custom access request feature.
Video Library
Tecture built a custom Video Library for instructional and promotional videos.
Granular, custom-built, filterable transaction "tombstones" improve the usability of the site as well as SEO.

Bioquell: Marketing Biotech Solutions with Sophisticated Design

Bioquell, an international biotech firm based in the UK and US, came to us for a website redesign to communicate their decontamination solution in a competitive market. In the course of the project Tecture:  • Designed a striking, fresh new website featuring stylized illustrations of Bioquell equipment • Re-architected the website to direct visitors to the appropriate industry solutions • Created illustrations and infographics showing the efficacy of an invisible product (hydrogen peroxide vapor for decontaminating surfaces) • Implemented multi-language capabilities  • Implemented a certificates of quality system to streamline certificate management and lookups • Implemented GDPR-compliant consent solutions • Integrated each country’s contact form with Salesforce.

Selected Features
  • Home Page
  • Product Page Header
  • Illustrating an Invisible Product 1
  • Illustrating an Invisible Product 2
Home Page
Bioquell's redesigned home page immediately steers customers to the relevant solutions for their industry.
Product Page Header
Product pages feature a prominent product photo and key information before diving into product details, options and uses.
Illustrating an Invisible Product 1
Tecture created custom illustrations to visualize how invisible hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilizes.
Illustrating an Invisible Product 2
Tecture created custom illustrations to visualize how invisible hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilizes.